Diamond Fancy Flat Round Hoop Earrings

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Key Features

• Matte 14K gold in Yellow or Rose, ~7.8g.
• Unique flat round design.
• Inside-out and side diamonds for sparkle.
• 1-inch diameter.
• Prevents ear stretching.
• Versatile for any time of day.


0.79 tcw white diamonds.
G color, VS clarity.
Round Brilliant cut.

Color: Yellow Gold
Color: Yellow Gold
Azra Mehdi Jewelry

Crafting Elegance and Empowerment: The Legacy of Azra Mehdi Jewelry

Designed for the Dynamic Woman

Our Diamond Fancy Flat Round Hoop Earrings are the epitome of Azra Mehdi Jewelry's commitment to catering to the multifaceted lifestyle of the modern woman. These earrings are crafted with precision and care to ensure they are not merely accessories but functional pieces of art that gracefully transition from the boardroom to social gatherings, embodying the essence of fine functionality.

Timeless Beauty in Every Design
With a focus on eternal style, Azra Mehdi Jewelry

ensures that our creations, like the Diamond Fancy Flat Round Hoop Earrings, remain indispensable in your collection. These earrings capture the timeless beauty that transcends fleeting fashion trends, offering you a piece that is both classic and contemporary, perfect to wear and share through all life's moments.

Ethical Craftsmanship at Our Core

At the heart of Azra Mehdi Jewelry is a deep-rooted commitment to ethical craftsmanship. Our Diamond Fancy Flat Round Hoop Earrings are made with ethically sourced diamonds and 14K solid gold, reflecting our dedication to responsible labor practices and sustainable procurement. We take pride in offering jewelry that not only enhances your beauty but also carries a story of integrity and compassion.

Empowering the Female Spirit

Azra Mehdi Jewelry is inspired by the strength and spirit of women. The Diamond Fancy Flat Round Hoop Earrings are designed to empower and instill confidence, making a bold statement of determination and grace. Each piece in our collection is a testament to the contemporary woman's resilience and elegance.

An Investment for the Future

Choosing Azra Mehdi Jewelry means investing in pieces that appreciate over time. The Diamond Fancy Flat Round Hoop Earrings are not just an accessory but a future heirloom, crafted with high-quality materials and meticulous attention to detail to ensure their lasting value and beauty.

Giving Back with Purpose

Our mission extends beyond creating beautiful jewelry. Azra Mehdi Jewelry is dedicated to empowering future generations of women. A portion of the proceeds from our Diamond Fancy Flat Round Hoop Earrings goes towards supporting initiatives that empower girls, providing them with the resources and opportunities needed to succeed. Through your purchase, you are contributing to a cycle of empowerment and positive change.


Can you wear these earrings for extended periods?

Absolutely! The Diamond Fancy Flat Round Hoop Earrings are designed for comfort and durability. Their engineered structure ensures they are light enough to be worn all day without causing strain on your earlobes, making them perfect for everyday elegance or special occasions.

How do I care for my Diamond Hoop Earrings to maintain their sparkle?

To keep your Diamond Fancy Flat Round Hoop Earrings looking their best, we recommend cleaning them gently with a soft-bristled brush using warm soapy water. Ensure they are thoroughly dried before storing them. It's also advisable to keep them away from harsh chemicals and to store them in a padded jewelry box to prevent scratches.

Are the Diamond Fancy Flat Round Hoop Earrings a good gift choice?

Yes, these earrings make a splendid gift for any occasion, be it an anniversary, birthday, holiday, or a special milestone. Their timeless design combined with the quality of materials and craftsmanship ensures they are a cherished gift that can be enjoyed for years to come.

How can I verify the authenticity of the diamonds and gold used?

Each pair of our Diamond Fancy Flat Round Hoop Earrings comes with a certificate of authenticity detailing the diamonds' carat weight, color, clarity, and the purity of the gold. We ensure that all our materials are ethically sourced and meet our high standards for quality and sustainability.