Thanks for taking the time to get to know me. My name is Azra Mehdi. I design and make gold jewelry because I’m absolutely crazy for a well-designed, well-made piece of jewelry that outlasts time. 

It has been said that the world’s love of diamonds was born in India, where I was also born and raised until the age of 17, when I emigrated to the United States for college. My parents - a 3rd grade-educated mother and a father who dropped out of college due to lack of funds - sent me to the US so I could have a better life than they did.  My father dropped out of college to work overseas so he could better provide for us but it meant I saw him only 3-4 times a year. My father gifted me gold jewelry to reward my successes, which not only deepened my bond with him, they left an indelible positive connection to gold. Separately, I watched my mother scrimp and save from the grocery budget to buy gold jewelry, which was hers to do with as she pleased. Gold jewelry thus became a symbol of unconditional love and female empowerment for me.

I did not start my career designing jewelry - I trained as an attorney - but my passion and emotional association to jewelry led me to follow this path. I began designing jewelry for myself in my late 20s when I finally had enough money to be able to afford jewelry. I was generally disappointed with the gold jewelry I found in stores. As a working mom, this became an acute problem - I wanted elegant everyday jewelry that was timeless, that I could wear regularly on my own (without help from others) and worked with my busy lifestyle allowing me to go from the office to dinner, to kids' school events or to meet friends.  I knew then that my appreciation and gratitude for the richness jewelry lends to women’s lives – literally and figuratively - was something that I had to share with everyone in my own community and beyond.

I design jewelry that empowers women to live their fullest, most beautiful life without compromising on other aspects of their lives or style, quality or price. My mission is to create timeless and elegant gold jewelry that is

💎 Designed to Move & Work with Busy Lifestyles.

💎 Easy to Wear Without Help from Others.

💎 Engineered Not to Pinch, Squeeze, Pull or Cause Discomfort.

💎 Ethically-sourced, Superior Materials that Sparkle Even with Daily Wear. 

💎 Versatile - Tastefully Elegant for Day or Evening Wear.

💎 Investment quality jewelry at reasonable rates that retain and increase in value.

💎 Donate to Social Causes that Make Girls’ Education a Priority.

Personally, I find that jewelry is the only accessory that enhances one’s natural beauty.  I hope that my jewelry makes you feel beautiful, confident and ready to take on your EVERY DAY. Designing functional fine jewelry is not only a creative outlet, but also a platform for giving back to the cause of girls' education.