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Express Your Love with Azra Mehdi Jewelry’s Valentine’s Day SweetHeart Collection

Have you ever wondered how Valentine’s Day got started? Popular belief in the Middle Ages was that birds began their mating season on February 14th, associating that date with romance. But Valentine's Day also appears to have some connection to ancient Rome, tying it to the fertility festival of Lupercalia celebrated from February 13-15. Under Christian tradition, Valentine’s day gets its name from a famous saint, who was ordered killed by Emperor Claudius II, when he defied the Emperor’s decree outlawing marriage, and continued to perform marriages for young lovers in secret. The Emperor believed that single men made better soldiers than those with wives and families and Saint Valentine found the decree to be unjust. 

While the exact origin and the stories of Valentine's Day are murky and mixed with legends and historical events, the essence of the day has remained somewhat consistent: a time to celebrate love and affection between intimate companions.

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Celebrating Valentine’s Day with Jewelry Is Symbolic Regardless of the Stage of the Relationship

This celebration of love manifests itself in many different forms including greeting cards, flowers, chocolates, gifts of jewelry or other meaningful gestures. While it's not a universal rule, there are some general perceptions and indeed some observed trends on the symbolic correlation between gifting jewelry and the stage of a relationship. 

For example, for people in very new relationships, jewelry might symbolize a budding and promising relationship. Gifting jewelry in a relationship may be seen as a strong statement, often symbolizing serious intentions and a desire to invest in the relationship. It's a significant gesture that may convey a deeper level of commitment and affection

In established relationships, whether married or long-term partnerships, although flowers and chocolates are seen as gestures of love and appreciation, jewelry takes the top spot among couples in long-term relationships, especially for significant milestones or to renew and celebrate their ongoing commitment. There are many reasons for jewelry to be a top trend in Valentine’s Day gifting. In long-term relationships, partners tend to have a deeper understanding of each other's preferences and might opt for more personalized or practical gifts that align with their partner's tastes or needs. The financial aspect might also play a role. Couples in new relationships might be more conservative in their spending, while those in established relationships might feel more financially secure to invest in expensive gifts. Jewelry reflects genuine understanding, thoughtfulness, and care, regardless of the stage of the relationship.

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Unique Jewelry Makes a Memorable Gift

Unique jewelry, like the Pink Eternity Ring symbolizes love, commitment, and the idea of eternity due to their circular shape, representing a love that has no end. At Azra Mehdi Jewelry, our goal is to offer unique, thoughtful and exclusive pieces celebrating love in all forms.  Our exclusive and special edition piece for Valentine’s Day 2024 is the Pink Sapphire Ombre Heart Necklace (part of the Sweetheart Collection) that has a 1 carat heart-shaped pink sapphire on a canvas of a thick dog-tag shaped pendant displaying different shades of pink sapphires in an ombre pattern. A unique necklace design like the Pink Sapphire Ombre Heart Necklace makes a memorable gift in equal parts because of its exclusivity, design and quality craftsmanship. Unique, well-crafted jewelry is durable because of the precious metals and precious gemstones used, which also reflects an appreciation for the recipient of the gift and reflects the desire for a long-lasting, enduring and stable relationship that doesn't fade with time.

Customized or personalized gifts of jewelry for your girlfriend or your wife, like her name’s initials in a necklace or on a custom-made design reflect the receiver's personality, tastes, or the couple's unique story, adds a personal touch to the gift, making it even more special. A great piece for a personalized gift, is the Diamond Bezel Initial Lariat Necklace, which you can choose in solid gold or in a diamond-studded initials. A bezel diamond is the center with a star dangle and the initial on one side of a 14K Yellow Gold Faceted Bead Saturn Chain.

Celebrate with Our Exclusive Valentine’s Day Jewelry Found in Azra Mehdi Jewelry’s Sweetheart Collection

Azra Mehdi Jewelry design motto is #ForeverJewelry. Every jewelry piece in the Sweetheart Collection is dedicated to celebrating eternal love and long-lasting commitment to love. One such piece is the XOXO Cuff Bracelet with diamond discs and bezel pink sapphire hearts in 14K Rose Gold.   The Pink Sapphire Heart Y Necklace features a trio of descending heart-shaped pink sapphires gracefully cascading down a smooth wheat chain, creating a symphony of color that symbolizes love's intensifying journey. Last, but not least, if your budget is on the lower end, we recommend the Sapphire or Ruby Horseshoe Charm Necklaces.  Not only are they beautiful adornments that enhance your beloved’s natural beauty, they have the added bonus of serving as good luck charms, with 7 pink sapphires or rubies coinciding with the heavenly number 7 embedded in an inverted solid gold horseshoe charm, designed to collect good luck for the wearer.  Whatever your budget, you're sure to find something perfect for your Valentine.

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