Japanese Mom Necklace

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Key Features

The Japanese Mom necklace depicts the humble word for mother in Japanese, 母 (haha), although there are other variations. The use of 母 (haha) in this pendant was by design since this is the word one uses when speaking about your own mother, rather than to refer to other people’s mothers. The square shape of the pendant is also by design because it's one of three symbolic shapes in Japanese culture – it symbolizes a prolonged state of presence, when the God within has awakened. The symbolism of the reference to one’s own mother in a heightened sense of awakening deeply influenced the Japanese Mom necklace design.


The Japanese Mom necklace is made from solid 14K Yellow Gold weighing ~ 6.5 grams and framed with 0.50 carats of G Color, VS1 Clarity natural white diamonds. The pendant comes affixed on a 1.3 mm Anchor Chain measuring 18 inches adjustable to 17 inches.