Inside-Out Sapphire Triangle Hoop Earrings

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Key Features

• Innovative Design: Experience the modern elegance of unique geometric triangle hoop earrings, offering a contemporary twist on the classic hoop silhouette.
• Vibrant Inside-Out Sapphires: Adorned with meticulously set Sri Lankan sapphires on the inside and outside, these earrings provide unmatched color and sparkle from every angle.
• Superior Craftsmanship: Crafted with precision, our earrings are designed for both brilliance and durability, ensuring that every gemstone shines its brightest.
• Comfortable & Luxurious: Ergonomically designed for comfort without compromising on luxury, making them perfect for everyday wear or special occasions.
• Perfect Size: Each earring measures an ideal 1 inch from top to bottom, balancing visibility with elegance.


Gemstone Brilliance: Choose from almost 0.5 carats of medium dark blue, fancy pink, or medium yellow Sri Lankan sapphires, each offering genuine enhanced color and clarity.
Premium Metal: Set in solid 14K Yellow or Rose Gold for pink and blue sapphires, and an option of 14K Yellow or White Gold for yellow sapphires, each pair weighs approximately 2.5 grams, symbolizing the quality and luxury of solid gold jewelry.
Color Variations: Available in captivating Blue Sapphire, Pink Sapphire, and Yellow Sapphire options, with the latter also offered in White Gold, providing versatility to match any style or preference.
Unique Elegance: These earrings are a testament to unique gold hoop earring design, combining the timeless appeal of hoops with the innovative inside-out and triangle aesthetics for an unparalleled fashion statement.

Color: Yellow Sapphire
Color: Yellow Sapphire
Azra Mehdi Jewelry

The Luxurious Appeal of Sri Lankan Sapphires

Delve into the depth of luxury with Azra Mehdi Jewelry's selection of Sri Lankan sapphires, the crown jewels of our Inside-Out Sapphire Triangle Hoop Earrings. Each sapphire is a treasure, chosen for its intense color, clarity, and life, available in shades of medium dark blue, vibrant fancy pink, and radiant medium yellow. These genuine enhanced sapphires are expertly set in 14K gold to showcase their spectacular beauty and luminescence. Azra Mehdi Jewelry ensures that each gemstone reflects our high standards, offering you a piece of jewelry that is both a work of art and a beacon of unparalleled craftsmanship.


What makes the Inside-Out Sapphire Triangle Hoop Earrings by Azra Mehdi Jewelry unique?

Azra Mehdi's Inside-Out Sapphire Triangle Hoop Earrings stand out due to their innovative geometric triangle design and the stunning inside-out setting of Sri Lankan sapphires. This unique design ensures that the earrings sparkle from every angle, making them a distinctive addition to any jewelry collection.

What types of sapphires are used in these earrings?

We use genuine enhanced Sri Lankan sapphires in three captivating colors: medium dark blue, fancy pink, and medium yellow. Each is carefully selected for its vibrant color and clarity, set in 14K gold to enhance their natural beauty.

What are the metal options available for these earrings?

The Inside-Out Sapphire Triangle Hoop Earrings are available in solid 14K Yellow Gold for all sapphire colors. For pink sapphires, we also offer a 14K Rose Gold option, and for yellow sapphires, an additional choice of 14K White Gold is available, each weighing approximately 2.5 grams.

How do I care for my sapphire hoop earrings to maintain their shine or sparkle?

To maintain the brilliance of your sapphire hoop earrings, clean them gently with a soft, dry cloth. Avoid exposure to harsh chemicals and store them in a protective jewelry box when not in use. For deeper cleaning, we recommend consulting a professional jeweler.

What is the size of the earrings, and how visible are they when worn?

Each earring measures 1 inch from top to bottom, offering an ideal size that is noticeable without being ostentatious. This medium size ensures the earrings are a versatile choice for various fashion styles and occasions.