Royal Fez Necklace

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Key Features

Why Our Royal Fez Necklace is a Must-Have:
✸Historical Elegance: Designed as a tribute to the famed Royal Palace Door of Fez, each piece carries a tale of Moroccan splendor.
✸Design Essence: Every detail, from the choice of gemstones to the chain design, reverberates with the architectural grandeur of the Royal Palace Door. The design is intended to resemble the middle doorway’s oval/dome shaped top half (represented by the oval citrine gemstone) and square bottom of the center doorway (represented by the blue aquamarine) with the 3 bezel set blue diamonds coinciding with the largest 3 doorways in the middle. The gemstones and gold color were carefully selected to symbolize the dominant yellow and blue colors in the central doorway.
✸Gemstone Radiance: The cool tranquility of aquamarine paired with the warmth of citrine mirrors the hues of a Moroccan sunset as well as honoring the color of the Royal Fez Door. Our aquamarine and citrine stones are responsibly chosen, reflecting beauty with integrity.
✸Contemporary Flair: The modern paper clip chain design offers a versatile style, suitable for both grand occasions and everyday elegance.
✸Fine Craftsmanship: Immaculately set in 14K yellow gold, ensuring lasting brilliance and a necklace that stands the test of time.


The Royal Fez Necklace is made with 14K solid yellow golden a 1.2 mm 14K yellow gold diamond cut paper clip link chain measuring 18 inches in length and weighs 5.8 grams. There are a total ~ 2 carats of gemstones (Oval Citrine: 1.25 to 1.4 carats) (Princess cut Aquamarine: 0.50 carat) and irradiated Blue Diamonds: 0.07 carats.