The Freshman All-Gender Necklace

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"The Freshman" is the first foray by Azra Mehdi Jewelry into all gender designs.
The Freshman features an 18-karat white gold star-shaped pendant, exquisitely representing contemporary and sophisticated unisex luxury design. Encrusted with natural diamonds, the star's surface is a mosaic of radiance, with the stones set to maximize their collective luster.

At the core of the star is a circular inlay densely set with vibrant natural rubies, their rich pinkish-red hue providing a stunning contrast against the icy sparkle of the diamonds.

The bombe design of the core not only lends a tactile allure but also reflects light in a manner that enhances the rubies' fiery brilliance. The stark contrast between the diamonds' brilliance and the rubies' warmth creates a harmonious balance, symbolizing a pioneering spirit.

The pendant is suspended from a sturdy, matching 18K solid white gold Rolo Chain composed of simple yet elegant links that ensure the star remains the focal point. Bold and innovative,

“The Freshman” reflects a contemporary interpretation of classic elegance that is suitable for all genders.
Key Features

All-Gender Luxury Necklace: “The Freshman” is the signature inclusive luxury design launching Azra Mehdi Jewelry’s unisex collection for all genders.

Contemporary Design: Diamond-encrusted 18K white gold star-shaped pendant with a bold bombe ruby core on an 18K solid gold Rolo chain, suitable for all genders. The Freshman is the modern interpretation of a classic star design.

Natural Diamonds and Rubies: Natural colorless diamonds (G color VS clarity) and pinkish-red natural rubies from Madagascar.

Bold Bombe Ruby Core: Unique bombe ruby core protrudes in a black rhodium wash offsetting the brilliance of the diamond star and adding balance to the ice with warmth from the rubies.

18K Solid Gold Elegant Rolo Chain: The simple yet brilliant pendant hangs from a sturdy solid 18K white gold (nickel-free) Rolo chain, ensuring the substantial pendant is the one that draws the eyes’ attention. Chain width is 2.7 mm and length is 18 inches, weighing 8.5 grams for a total weight of 13.7 grams.

Impeccable Craftsmanship and Ethical Sourcing: Superior craftsmanship using ethically-sourced gold and gemstones.


Natural White diamonds: 0.82 carats GVS
Rubies: 0.52 carats

18K White Gold weight: 5 grams.
Solid 18K White Gold Chain (Nickel Free) Rolo cable chain 2.7mm width and 18 Inches in length: 8.50 grams.
Total weight of pendant with chain: 13.7 grams