Inside-Out Sapphire Triangle Hoop Earrings

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Key Features

Unique geometric triangle design add modern twist to the classic hoop earring
Inside-Out sapphires add color and sparkle.
Meticulous craftsmanship setting gemstones maximum brilliance and durability.
Ergonomic design ensures comfortable wear, while the opulent gemstones radiate luxury, making these earrings suitable for any occasion.
Measures 1 inch from top to bottom.


Available in:
Almost 0.5 carats of medium dark blue Sri Lankan Sapphires (genuine enhanced) set in solid 14K Yellow Gold weighing ~ 2.5 grams.
Almost 0.5 carats of fancy pink Sri Lankan sapphires (genuine enhanced) set in solid 14K Rose Gold weighing ~ 2.5 grams.
Medium yellow color Sri Lankan sapphires (genuine enhanced) 0.60 carats set in solid 14K Yellow or White Gold weighing ~ 2.5 grams.

Color: Yellow Sapphire
Color: Yellow Sapphire

Timeless Charm: Inside-Out Sapphire Rectangle Hoop Earrings Statement

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